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      The cattery " Duke Cleangorse " is based in 2001 year. The first cat of breed British shorthaired with was unusual at that time blue bi-colour (white & blue). Our primary goal is popularization bi-colour cats in Russia.

       In the beginning of 2002 year our cattery got the manufacturer - a blue cat incorporated all advantages of the British breed as that was taken: powerful skeleton, short plush coat, small ears.... and charming smile of Cheshire Cat.

      At present in cattery except for blue and blue bi-colour there are cats 5 more colours: black spotted tabby, black-silver blotched tabby , black, lilac and lilac - cream (turtle).

      In breeding we use blood lines of the best catteries of Belgium, Germany, Holland and England.

Attention! We've got kittens born 01/08/2003,20/09/2003 & 08/10/2003 for sale in our Cattery now. Hurry up, please!

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